Thursday, June 24, 2010

Futurama - Rebirth/In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela

Wow. I've never seen a cancelled show come back this strong. Watching these premier episodes of the new season (the show's sixth, following production orders, airing on Comedy Central Thursdays at 10 PM EST) one would think that Matt Groening and co. just took a long hiatus to further sharpen their wits for this brilliant show. While the show's fifth season, comprised entirely of four straight to DVD movies later split up for broadcasting, was hit or miss for some (I fully enjoyed them all, with Bender's Game being the only weak link of the bunch for me), these two episodes are a hilarious gut punch that don't skimp on the intelligent humor or the brilliant geek culture references the show is known and loved for.
I'm definitely not going to spoil the plots of the episodes, trust me, it's way more fun going into them blind, just like every episode of Futurama. Here's hoping the meatbags at Comedy Central give Groening's masterpiece a good home until (if ever) he finally is able to put it rest. Of course, I'll always pray that never happens.

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